4 Major Trends in Today’s Healthcare IT

Technology has taken over the medical industry and providers failing to adapt to the fluctuating trends face imminent Healthcare IT failure. While tradition and continuity are not without benefits, resistance to the necessity of technology in hospitals and medical practices today will impede on chances of reaching a level of success and efficiency available to them through these adaptations.

Appealing to market trends is essential in any industry. These four trends in Healthcare IT are what providers need to acknowledge to be successful today:

  1. Enterprise cloud solutions compromise what Accenture has deemed the “platform revolution”. This is a trend that Healthcare IT consulting firms like Gordian Dynamics base their services on. Smart phones and tablets can quickly relay information that once required more direct communication or physical storage devices, improving efficiency, accessibility, and productivity.
  2. Another trend is the exponentially-growing “results-driven” mindset. As Healthcare providers update their systems and services, they are constantly inquiring “How will this make us better/faster/more efficient?”. “What will this do for me?”. Businesses today want to measure success, advance competition to the next level, and achieve results! Healthcare providers today need to assess with every decision exactly what purpose and end-goal each decision is fighting towards.
  3. Third is management of big data. Patient records increase immensely every year, and letting all this data just sit there in digital file cabinets would be a fatal mistake for any practice. Healthcare providers today need to view this dramatic increase in data not as a liability but as an incredible opportunity. Analysis on big data can help providers detect patterns and improve diagnoses, better predict and prepare for inflows and outflows of patients, and more strategies to improve efficiency and productivity.
  4. Finally, enabling patients to be more involved and empowered in their interactions with physicians has become an evident trend in Healthcare IT. Health systems are integrating services such as self-scheduling, sharing of medical records online, even appointments with physicians via video chat. The traditional visit to a doctor’s office is very quickly becoming outdated as technology revolutionizes what was once a mundane process.

These trends have emerged in Healthcare systems worldwide, and are expected to continue growing in the future. Understanding and adapting to these trends will prove to be critical in determining future success for Healthcare providers.