Large Healthcare Insurance Providers Improve Health IT by Reducing Costs and Sharing Big Data

Big data is immensely helpful for Healthcare providers. It helps physicians better understand their patients and enables them to provide better healthcare. However, having access to big data is difficult for small, independent practices. Independent physicians who do not belong to a large hospital will lack a number of resources when it comes to patient data.  Anything happening to patients beyond their practice is really a mystery. They lack any exterior data on their medical records which proves to be a massive hindering factor.

Having access to big data would provide background information such as what referable hospitals have high re-admittance rates, or the likelihood of a worsening in illness/discomfort.  Patient data can help physicians understand the patient themselves better, including a detailed record of their individual medical history, financial background on medical services, even personal care preferences.  Without utilizing big data leaves independent physician groups blind.

To help address the big data issue while reducing expenses, BlueCross and Blue Shield recently started an ambitious initiative to help lower costs for physicians. This initiative reduces costs for both the medical practice and the insurer as well as expedites the sharing of data. Understanding that independent physicians are not a part of greater hospital systems and lack the resources and potential to reach of this new initiative, Blue Cross and Blue Shield are offering medical data to independent physicians completely free of charge.

This initiative now allows small, independent medical practices to deliver Healthcare to patients in a much more advanced way, despite its lack of connection to a large hospital systems.  This offering has set the standard for making decisions that unite companies in all aspects of Healthcare to improve the industry as a whole, and promises higher margins and greater services for all.