Implementing Secure Mobility Access in Health IT

Healthcare IT is going mobile, but how will your organization make the move? There are two key aspects that Healthcare providers are continuously trying to balance, HIPAA compliance and data security. Now with the demand to implement enterprise mobility solutions brings into question a number of additional security challenges.

Protecting data from outside threats is an increasing issue for Healthcare providers.  If providers are giving their patients access to data via mobile portals, and allowing associates to access data on their own respective phones, tablets and other devices, a greater level of risk is created. A review of security software must be completed and subsequently updated to allow for this transition to mobility. This is not to imply adoption of entirely new software, or a “start fresh” mentality, for that would incur costs that hospitals just cannot afford to face.  Hospitals are starting to contract IT consultants who can creatively adjust security software to withstand these threats, in a much more cost-efficient manner.

There are a number of internal controls that Healthcare providers implement to allow associates to use mobile devices for their day-to-day operations.  In conjunction with this, organizational policies must be updated.  These policies are important for security reasons and should dictate the abilities, expectations, and restrictions that come with using mobile devices for work. When dealing with patient data of pivotal importance, all users must be aware of what forms of access are restricted for the protection of the data, and for the Healthcare providers themselves. Allowing onsite staff administrative controls to monitor and interfere in a physicians or nurses activities on said mobile devices provides another level of security that needs to be considered and properly planned out to ensure the protection of data.

Keeping up with HIPAA compliance as the industry demands more cloud storage accessible via mobility, can be satisfied through a number of solutions. Some may say that multiple levels of encryption hinder the accessibility of cloud based data, but it is a necessary step to ensure federal compliance with security. If you’re moving data to the cloud, you have already reached a greater level of accessibility. Although intimidating, Healthcare providers backing up their data to a cloud-provider enables an invaluable fail-safe.  Many top-tier businesses have faced disastrous situations where their data was lost, no business is invulnerable.  These cloud-provider organizations have a number of options and security protocols to protect themselves and their clients as they enable greater levels of mobility.

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