Hospital Supply Chain Management and the Importance of Healthcare IT


A stable Healthcare IT solution is imperative for today’s medical organizations. Hospitals are a fast paced circuit of hardworking associates, facing and prevailing over new obstacles and difficulties every day. With such a high-paced environment, supplies will often go missing or undocumented. Inventory cannot be properly tracked by management leading to communication errors. Technology platforms fail to assimilate successfully leading to a greater chance of continued issues effecting the entire healthcare operation. To make things worse, rising costs (among other factors) are forcing hospitals to make cuts, often shortening staff. This leaves less people to handle even greater responsibilities. Without a reliable and robust healthcare IT system, critical work hours are lost, costs increase, and staff is left frustrated ultimately effecting the overall care for patients.

These increasing issues require a new balance of supportive Healthcare IT technology to streamline efficiencies and ultimately reduce overall costs. By removing extended manual processes, hospitals are able streamline access to critical patient and medical data allowing them to provide better care.

Leveraging the right Healthcare IT solutions are essential to optimizing supply chain management and must be a top priority for hospitals. Accessibility is also key. Information, supplies, and assistance must be quickly accessible to all staff members, because in the chaotic day to day operations of a hospital, there is little margin for error.

Partnering with organizations like Gordian Dynamics gives your institution the expertise and direction to renovating old processes and updating healthcare IT technologies. Our 4 step approach will make the upgrade and improvement process easy! Check out our customer story about a large Catholic Healthcare system who was able to improve visibility and control resulting in significant cost savings.