Healthcare IT: What’s Your Enterprise Mobility Management Game Plan?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is complex but it’s important to have the right plan in place to support today’s modern workforce.

This is an exciting time in technology development. With so many cutting-edge mobile devices and applications available, people are used to instant access to thousands of data point’s right at their fingertips. This same on-demand accessibility is now being required in the workplace. But how do you build a secure infrastructure to support an on-demand workplace, especially in Healthcare?

According to the Strategy Analytics report “State of the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Market: 2014 Market Leaders and 2020 Forecast,” EMM revenue grew 32% in 2014, reaching $1.4B in worldwide revenue, and is expected to continue strong growth, at 15% CAGR, reaching $3.2Bby 2020.

Enterprise Mobility_Gordian Dynamics

Access anytime, from anywhere is the new normal but supporting a wide variety of device types and operating systems can introduce security risks and added costs for Healthcare organizations. For this reason, CIOs and IT executives need to implement a management system to prevent unauthorized access to enterprise applications and healthcare data. This management process will allow IT to centrally manage security policies through password protection as well as encryption and/or remote wipe technology. Another component of the enterprise mobility management is “bring your own device” (BYOD). In this case, IT has less control over ensuing security software and data storage on personal devices.

So how do you implement enterprise mobility management? There are various software solutions that organizations can leverage to monitor mobility usage. One of which is Microsoft who recently released their enterprise mobility suite. Microsoft’s EMM software is a set of bundled applications that support IT with device management, access control and information protection. By bundling these solutions, it’s easy for care providers to implement mobility software and policies without disruption to the day-to-day workforce. But to truly understand what your needs are and what the best mobility solution would be for your organization, working with a software consultancy company like Gordian Dynamics is key. Consultants can help you identify and implement the right solution for your Healthcare organization without you taking on the additional work.

In conclusion, the demand to support mobility in the workplace is essential to keeping a competitive edge in the marketplace and attracting the best talent. Having a game plan for supporting BYOD and true enterprise mobility is imperative. What is your enterprise mobility game plan?