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Security Trends and Emerging Threats in Healthcare IT

By David Gailey The risk and potential consequence for serious security data breach or other cyberattack within the healthcare industry is not only a reality of our time, but is becoming the norm. In response to changes in the overall threat landscape, the U.S. government has issued new security requirements to HIPAA and the HITECH […]

Blockchain the answer to many problems?

As if there wasn’t already enough change in Healthcare with an ever-growing series of initiatives for all organization to address, from artificial intelligence, IoT, cybersecurity, disaster preparedness and the patient experience to name just a few, and now there’s this Blockchain entity that could take priority over all of them. Let’s explore it. What is […]

The next generation of SMB IT and IT services

Until very recently, we have lived for decades in a world full of technology for its own sake. You know that world: technologies called mainframes, min-computers, PC’s, laptops, networking gear, big software, PBX’s, etc. These were considered necessary for businesses to function. In this model, SMB’s received their technologies from resellers called VARs (Value-Added Reseller), […]

What is the Difference between Windows Azure and Office 365?

Something that I see coming up more and more often recently is the question as to what the differences between Office 365 and Windows Azure are and how the two relate to each other more exactly. Windows Azure and Office 365 are cloud based services. The components of Office 365 rely on Windows Azure Active […]

UniPrint Partners with Gordian Dynamics

UniPrint Partners With Healthcare IT management Specialist, Gordian Dynamics, to Provide Secure Full Printing Solutions Partnership allows mobile workers secure printing on demand, with print data security and confidentiality ensured.  Read more here: GordianreleaseFINAL4.2014