A New Role for Healthcare IT Data Centers: Making the Right Decision!

Healthcare organizations are increasingly relying on data centers to store critical patient and operational information. These organizations are demanding that data centers offer greater security, greater accessibility, and much greater capacities for the massively increasing influxes of data volume. It is absolutely essential for data centers today to be scalable, and to ensure a streamlined implementation with less disruption to the business. Decision makers in any healthcare organization can’t afford to wait months to implement and access their data bases.

But data centers can no longer be designed with the sole intent of improving efficiency, today’s organizations must be more strategic with their requirements. Cutting back on costs here and there is not realizing data centers’ full potential.  Healthcare IT stakeholders must think full circle, and incorporate data centers that follow a plan to reach a universal goal for the organization.  In other words, data centers should be utilized to bring a greater level of value to an organization, not just lower costs.  Architects are beginning to take a step back from devoting all of their attention to infrastructure, and incorporating more business strategy into their technology.

One of the emerging trends that scare many Healthcare providers is moving data centers to an outside location.  Many health practitioners prefer the traditional on-site method because of the security that control offers, but some are beginning to recognize that that same sense of security is a false one.  The truth is that outsourcing a Healthcare organization’s records to a cloud computing solutions provider offers far greater security, because that’s what the primary focus of their organization is.  They can ensure a security that most Healthcare providers just can’t match.

Healthcare IT has moved into an age where value is no longer placed on which solutions are “better”.  Value is placed on which company can best communicate its value proposition, make the client feel both confident and comfortable, and ensure Healthcare providers that integration of its solutions will align closest with the providers’ culture and aspirations.

For these reasons it is important that IT decision makers have a strategic evaluation and implementation plan in place when evaluating data center services. Working with consulting firms such as Gordian Dynamics provides decision makers with the framework and expertise to make the right decision for your organization. Working with one point of contact through the life cycle of the project will yield better results for the organization allowing them to focus on what they do best, providing patient care.