The iPatient: What I learned at the Health IT Summit

Last week Gordian Dynamics was a sponsor at the Health IT Summit held in Beverly Hills, Ca. The show was a success, gathering over 100 Healthcare CIOs and offering compelling keynote and panel sessions. At the show, Gordian Dynamics shared a booth space with our strategic partner RES Software, a leading digital workspace technology company. Together, Gordian Dynamics and RES Software, bring a wealth of industry expertise and innovative technology solutions empowering the Healthcare industry. We enjoyed engaging with everyone and attending the various sessions.

iHT2 booth pic

I was able to attend many of the sessions on interesting topics such as Healthcare Analytics and Business Intelligence, as well as Population Health Management. But it was the was the idea of the iPatient from Dr. Wachter‘s keynote presentation that stood out to me. We’re at a pivotal and exciting time in Healthcare technology. But we’re also walking a fine balance between patient privacy, modernizing doctor-patient relationships and Healthcare accessibility. Traditional doctor-patient relationships are changing to support modern Healthcare. The idea of digitizing the patient not only empowers physicians to provide better care but it is also deteriorating the 1:1 relationship between doctors and patients as we’ve known it. During Dr. Wachter’s session he shared a picture drawn by a little girl who had just visited the doctor. The drawing was her illustration of what her visit to the doctor was like. She drew herself sitting on the examination table with her mom standing next to her and the doctor was seated at a computer with their back to the little girl and her mom. This drawing garnered laughter from the audience but it’s a real depiction of today’s modern Healthcare.

iPatient drawing

Although physicians are now more than ever tied to their computers and bogged down with medical inputting, it’s important for the advancement of medical care. Important analytics are now able to be extracted from this medical information helping to make progresses in areas such as Population Health Management and personalized care. Electronic Health Records (EHR) are changing the way Healthcare is managed and physicians need to adapt to the new way of providing patient care.

Recognizing the hurdles of the modern physician, many Healthcare organizations are engaging companies like Gordian Dynamics and RES Software to help implement IT solutions to make their organizations run more efficiently. If doctor’s need to leverage technology, IT should have strong, stable and secure services to offer them. Gordian Dynamics and RES Software can help you with identity management, secure self-service portals, virtualization and automated business processes. Click here to learn more by watching a short overview video.